92-00 Honda Civic K-series Swap Ram Horn Power Driven Tri-Y Exhaust Header

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Brand new K-series Swap ram horn header. It is made of high quality T304 stainless steel and fully TIG weld. We offer one year warranty! Private Label MFG Power Driven Budget K-Swap header features a true step-up exhaust header design. The Tri-Y header delivers low to mid end power while utilizing a two piece design which maximizes the engine compartment space. This exhaust manifold is ideal for all forms of competition; Autocross, drag racing and road racing. This Exhaust header was designed to be upgradable as you modify your motor(Merge collector options available).
Long tube Tri-Y header.
True 2.5" collector.
Machined CNC-ed manifold flange.
Two pieces design.
Flange is .38" which is just about 3/8" thick.
18G on the 304 S/S. Measured at .049" to .050"
It is good for huge horsepower increase along with improved more air flow,gain 10-15HP.
Instruction is NOT included. Professional installation is highly recommended!
Item exactly the same as picture shown.