Universal GT35 T3 .63AR Twin Scroll Turbo Charger

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Brand new GT35 T3 .63AR twin scroll turbo charger.Max up to 450HP.
Inlet: 4.0 Inch.
Outlet: 2.5 Inch.
Turbine Flange: T3 Flange.
Downpipe Flange: 2.5''(ID) 4 Bolts Flange.
Type of Bearing: Wet Float Bearings.
Cooling Type: Oil cooled only.
Exhaust Trim: .63AR.
Turbine Wheel Diameter: 62MM/73.6MM.
Compressor Trim: .70AR.
Compressor Wheel Diameter: 57.39MM/81.87MM.
Instruction is not included. Professional installation is highly recommended!
Item exactly the same as picture shown.